Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is a cost efficient process. Using a piece of special vinyl and a plotter (cutter) we are able to create great looking designs and logos. Those designs can later be put onto a garment or items such as custom tote bagscustom t-shirts , custom jerseys, and much more. The options are huge.

Most people and business sometimes do need a high quantity of t-shirts or bags but not everyone.One too many times we have heard of people having a hard time finding a place where they can get a low quantity of shirts for only themselves or family members .Due to the easy and quick process of heat transfer vinyl things have changed. Heat transfer vinyl has became the new method to fulfill all those single piece orders. Whether it is a jersey that needs a number or a small set of custom t-shirts for a special family event. Aesthetics Embroidery and Designs is here to help. Just to familiarize yourself a little with the process we have written a brief summary of the process to complete your orders.

Designing Artwork

Designing the artwork or lettering in the software of choice for heat transfer vinyl.Then the file must be reversed so that’s it’s a mirror image of the original design. Otherwise when placed face down the image will be mirrored the opposite way. Both the vinyl cut out and shirt would be ruin. When film is loaded to the cutter it’s facing down.The cutter will cutting the bottom of the vinyl. The image will have to be flipped so that when completed the image will be mirrored correctly.

Cutting, Weeding, & Pressing

Once you have set up your artwork on your software it is time to cut. The plotter will do it’s own work. All one will have to do is make sure the heat transfer vinyl will not move out of place which very rarely happens.Once you’ve cut your graphic, weed it just as you would normal vinyl.Weeding the vinyl means removing all the extra heat transfer vinyl left over. You will be able to turn it to the clear liner showing your graphic. 

Graphic should read right way.  Be sure the heat transfer vinyl side is place down to the garment and not upwards to the heat press. Do not press the heat transfer vinyl upwards facing the heat press. This will result in the vinyl sticking to the heat press and making it hard to remove. Once it is place correctly you will place a Teflon sheet or anything similar. It will help distribute the heat and make sure nothing will stick to the platen. Set temperature, time and pressure.

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